dissabte, 6 de maig de 2017


Hi again, FIFTH graders!!

What about to learn the funny song of our project??
It's a funny song in the cartoon serie with the same name of our project: "AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS".
The characters in our book are presented as animals and it was one of my favourite cartoons when I was a child.
I hope you enjoy it !!!

Travel Brochure

Hi, FIFTH graders!!!

I promise you to put a copy of your TRAVEL BROCHURE in our English Blog, so I'm doing it now!!
I scan one copy of the Travel Brochure and you can copy it, paste it in a WORD document and print it!!!
It WAS clearly explained in the classroom but, PLEASE, if you have any questions about HOW TO DO IT, let me now those doubts in our classsroom or by mail in angles@escolajoanperucho.com
DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO IT, PLEASE!!! (You have already been working on it about 2 months!!!) 😞

dijous, 4 de maig de 2017

Competències bàsiques exams

Hi boys and girls!!!

A especial greeting for all of you in the sixth grade who are taking part in COMPETÈNCIES BÀSIQUES EXAMS !!!

Here you can watch a few tips in order to improve your writings in THIRD PERSON; Watch it, enjoy it and do your best tomorrow in the morning in your English Exam....
You now you are so good but, the only thing you all really need to pass your exams are READ THE STATEMENTS and THINK about the possible answers!!!!

Remember: the more you read or listen to in English, the best marks you could reach!!!  It's up to you....AND YOU KNOW IT!!!


Resultat d'imatges de GOOD LUCK!