dissabte, 21 de gener de 2017


Hi, everybody!

Your English teachers in the school
put this video that it's so cool,
there's something you must learn, you can see
this video rap of your ABC....Oooohhh, yeaaahhh!

Don't be shy,
now it's your turn!
Hear it and learn it,
don't turn around!

See you in our English classrooom, kids!

dijous, 5 de gener de 2017

A Christmas Carol

Happy New Year 2017 for all of you!!!

Sorry in advance!

I forgot to put the video for the file you have to do as homework about "A Christmas Carol".
That is not a problem for you to do your homework because you have a summary of the story in your files, but I had promised to put a video-story to help you in this task and I forgot it !
Now, If you click here, you could watch it. You can watch the 20 minutes video-comic and try to understand much better how the story is about.

Com diu la dita: "Més val tard que mai". 

I hope you enjoy and rest this Christmas period and take a lot of forces to begin YOUR GREAT YEAR!!!

See you in our English classroom!