dissabte, 5 de novembre de 2016

Happy Castanyoween !!!

Dear little monsters,

You know we have celebrated both traditional festivities at school: our catalan CASTANYADA and an american celebration called HALLOWEEN.

We also went out from school to enjoy a whole day in a summer camp house playing different HALLOWEEN games and having fun.

On the other hand, at school we have prepared and played different poems in the afternoon of October, 28th; the Friday before Halloween celebration, on October, 31st.
Previously, in the morning, we have been preparing our catalan PANELLETS; they are delicious small almond cakes that people tradiotionally eat in ALL SAINTS DAY.

Our 4th grade classroom have taken so many photos while we were preparing Panellets' recipe and now, they are recording their voices in order to show you the entire recipe of PANELLETS, mixing photos and video......but, at the moment, we are still working on it!!

Please, be patient. Maybe it could be ready in a couple of weeks!!!

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