dijous, 24 de novembre de 2016

Do you need an extra HELP?

Hi there, kids and parents!!

Here we go again.... 

English students in Joan Perucho School (any grade)  and "desperate" parents who want to help your children at home to improve their English: do you need an extra help in Grammar, English Vocabulary or do you want to practice it in a funny way in order to pass your test??? If your answer is YES, follow reading this article, please...

I have very good news for all of you: when I was surfing the Internet, I had found  a page with a lot of resources to start to study English, to improve your English level or, simply, to practice and play with this language....
You can find lots of files, games or explanations about a lot of different topics in the language of Shakespeare which you are learning !!!

If you take a look here, you can start an easy way to try a better level in English and to get self-confidence when you are supposed to do an exam or act in an oral classroom play.

Enjoy it!!!

Jesús López

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