dijous, 24 de novembre de 2016

Do you need an extra HELP?

Hi there, kids and parents!!

Here we go again.... 

English students in Joan Perucho School (any grade)  and "desperate" parents who want to help your children at home to improve their English: do you need an extra help in Grammar, English Vocabulary or do you want to practice it in a funny way in order to pass your test??? If your answer is YES, follow reading this article, please...

I have very good news for all of you: when I was surfing the Internet, I had found  a page with a lot of resources to start to study English, to improve your English level or, simply, to practice and play with this language....
You can find lots of files, games or explanations about a lot of different topics in the language of Shakespeare which you are learning !!!

If you take a look here, you can start an easy way to try a better level in English and to get self-confidence when you are supposed to do an exam or act in an oral classroom play.

Enjoy it!!!

Jesús López

dijous, 10 de novembre de 2016

Reading Comprehension - 6th Grade

 Hi, dear 6th grade students!!

I know you like technological devices and I think it will be a funny and useful way to join gadgets and learning English. This could be our new, easy and fast way to do your English homework and communicate ourselves. In order to start, you have to do this reading comprehension.
 The text below explains to you about the legend of Hachiko, a famous japanese dog. Read it carefully and answer the questions in the way they are proposed. Enjoy it !!!

 In front of the enormous Shibuya train station in Tokyo, there is a life-size bronze statue of a dog. Even though the statue is very small when compared to the huge neon signs flashing, it isn't difficult to find. It has been used as a meeting point since 1934 and today you will find hundreds of people waiting there for their friends to arrive- just look for the crowds.

Hachiko, an Akita dog, was born in 1923 and brought to Tokyo in 1924. His owner, Professor Eisaburo Uyeno and he were inseparable friends right from the start. Each day Hachiko would accompany his owner, a professor at the Imperial University, to Shibuya train station when he left for work. When he came back, the professor would always find the dog patiently waiting for him. Sadly, the professor died suddenly at work in 1925 before he could return home.

Although Hachiko was still a young dog, the bond between him and his owner was very strong and he continued to wait at the station every day. Sometimes, he would stay there for days at a time, though some believe that he kept returning because of the food he was given by street vendors. He became a familiar sight to commuters over time. In 1934, a statue of him was put outside the station. In 1935, Hachiko died at the place he last saw his friend alive.

1.Hachiko’s statue is small in comparison to

a. Life sized dogs.              b. Huge billboard signs.            c. Huge neon signs.      

2. People get together at the statue of Hachiko because:

a. They like to visit the bronze statue and pray for the dog’s soul.
b. It serves as a meeting point for lovers.
c. People await there to meet with their friends.

3. Where did the professor work?

a. In a primary school.        b. at a university.        c. at a train station.

4. Select true or false

 4.1 Hachiko waited every day at the station.         True          False

 4.2 Nobody gave Hachiko any food.                      True          False
4.2 Nobody gave Hachiko any food.                                   True                False

4.1 Hachiko waited every day at the station.                      True               False
4.2 Nobody gave Hachiko any food.                                   True                False5. From your own point of view…
How can you define the following words: Loyalty and Friendship.
Do you consider yourself to have these qualities? Why?

Write your answers in your notebook or type them in a separate sheet using this kind of letter: ARIAL, 14.

DUE DATE: 18th/11/2016

dissabte, 5 de novembre de 2016

Happy Castanyoween !!!

Dear little monsters,

You know we have celebrated both traditional festivities at school: our catalan CASTANYADA and an american celebration called HALLOWEEN.

We also went out from school to enjoy a whole day in a summer camp house playing different HALLOWEEN games and having fun.

On the other hand, at school we have prepared and played different poems in the afternoon of October, 28th; the Friday before Halloween celebration, on October, 31st.
Previously, in the morning, we have been preparing our catalan PANELLETS; they are delicious small almond cakes that people tradiotionally eat in ALL SAINTS DAY.

Our 4th grade classroom have taken so many photos while we were preparing Panellets' recipe and now, they are recording their voices in order to show you the entire recipe of PANELLETS, mixing photos and video......but, at the moment, we are still working on it!!

Please, be patient. Maybe it could be ready in a couple of weeks!!!

Playing with SCIENCE !!!

Hi there, kids!!!

In order to learn about SCIENCE, but doing it in a funny way, I give you this  English page full of games to know more and more about Maths, Science and, obviously, ENGLISH!!!

I hope you can enjoy yourself with these games and try to learn and improve your English level as much as you can...

Enjoy it here.

Your English teachers!!